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  • #1 05-09-2007 11:51:12

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    Generación perdida - segunda parte

    Ya están trabajando en la sequela de 'Lost Boys'.

    Vampires beware! In exclusive interviews with MTV News, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman revealed that their old '80s vampire gang is back and on a mission with a long-awaited sequel tentatively titled "The Lost Boys II: The Tribe."

    "There are so many questions. So many e-mails all the time," Haim insisted. "Everybody keeps asking, 'Will you please do the bloody sequel?' I think it [finally] happened for a reason. If it were any longer, I'd be gray with no teeth."

    But it's a sequel that Feldman, who has already started shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia, may have to film without Haim. MTV News has learned that the actor — who stars with Feldman on the reality-TV show "The Two Coreys" — might not be able to accept a role in the film because of Canadian-border issues.

    That wouldn't sit right with Feldman, the 36-year-old actor bellowed.

    "I know what the fans want to see," he intimated. "Not just out of loyalty to Corey as my friend, but I know as a fan of film that you look for [him] in a sequel. If it strays too far, then you don't consider it a real sequel, and you feel that you've been cheated."

    A horror classic, the original "Lost Boys" follows a mother and her two sons as they move to a California coastal town that harbors a dark secret. When the older brother (Jason Patric) is seduced by a gang of vampires (led by Kiefer Sutherland), it's up to young Sam (Haim) and the resourceful Frog brothers (Feldman and Jamison Newlander) to ultimately save the day.

    But if the plot setup is out there, it's nothing compared to the long, strange trip the sequel has taken over the last 20 years, going through several different iterations with several different writers.

    "One of the original ideas for the sequel was that it was basically going to be this crusade — with the Frog brothers and Sam running around kind of like Ghostbusters, taking out vampires on a very large scale," Feldman revealed. "One version of it was we were in Washington, D.C., staking out the political vampires."

    As time wore on, however, the roles for Haim and Feldman became smaller and smaller, until very recently, when all they had between them was a Feldman cameo. All that's changed thanks to the pair's resurgence on reality TV, they declared.

    "Warner Bros. has further developed the script — they brought on a great writer [Hans Rodionoff, who] came up with a great story line," Feldman said, a Cheshire grin stretching across his face. "And in that script they have included [me], Corey Haim and Jamison Newlander as featured parts in the film. [In] the script, as it is today, I am one of the leads. My involvement is very close to what my involvement was in the first one. So I'm pretty much scattered throughout."

    For Feldman, it's not only a chance to revisit one of his most beloved characters but also to reflect upon what made the original so good. The sequel, he says, has absorbed those lessons.

    "Once again, you have a fish-out-of-water story of two young folks who move into a new town to visit their relatives and find themselves caught up with a bunch of bloodsuckers," Feldman discussed of the flick's setup. "I really like the script because of the fact that it is very close and very true to the structure of the original film — same kind of scares, same kind of laughs, same kind of relationships."

    But of all the things that are similar, Feldman declared, the most important one is his character — who hasn't changed one bit since we last saw him.

    "The development of my character is pretty much nil. Where you left Edgar Frog is where you find Edgar Frog," Feldman asserted with a boastful air. "The way I see it, this guy doesn't evolve. He has one purpose in life, and that purpose is to destroy all bloodsuckers. Period. He lives it [and] breathes it."

    Which is not to say, Feldman clarified, that Edgar will still be working with Sam and Alan in the new flick. "He hasn't changed, but his circumstances have," Feldman teased.

    "[Edgar] was always an outcast, but [here] his close-knit family have drifted apart. They've had a major problem, and because of that problem, Edgar today is working alone," he continued. "[The film is] about him trying to still carry the torch as it were, without the aid and assistance of his partners. That leaves him in an even lonelier and even more delicate place than he was in the first film being the outsider that he already was."

    Helping to make him even lonelier, no doubt, is the fact that many of the original castmembers won't be returning (Newlander notwithstanding). Feldman confessed that Jason Patric, Jami Gertz and Kiefer Sutherland won't be back for the sequel. New castmembers include Autumn Reeser and Keifer's brother, Angus Sutherland.

    Other than the reality show and "Lost Boys" sequel, Haim has recently teamed up with Mandalay Alliance, which develops entertainment with a focus on the urban lifestyle.

    Check out everything we've got on Corey Feldman and Corey Haim

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    #2 05-09-2007 12:19:35

    Al fin subi mi avatar
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    Re: Generación perdida - segunda parte

    OK, veamos como sale.

    Ya que Hollywood estas seco de ideas, sino son remakes, secuelas de viejas pelis de antaño.



    #3 05-09-2007 12:27:24

    Bulma Merquise
    Death Eater
    Ubicación: Wiltshire
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    Re: Generación perdida - segunda parte

    Yo creo que se trata más de usar fórmulas ya probadas, y no tratar de buscar nuevas para no salir perdiendo.



    #4 05-09-2007 15:04:36

    Registrado: 16-08-2007
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    Re: Generación perdida - segunda parte

    Pucha, y siguen matando recuerdos ochenteros...



    #5 09-09-2007 21:04:20

    Registrado: 17-08-2007
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    Re: Generación perdida - segunda parte

    Antiguamente los vampiros eran estilo conde, pelados y jovenes psicopatas y asesinos, actualmente son goticos, emos, poseros con trajes de cueros (y que ocupan pistolas y katanas!!) y gays.

    Yo preferia como era antes donde los vampiros eran sencillos :quieren sangre, salen SOLO EN LA NOCHE y pueden matar sin uso de armas.

    Un buen amigo pagara para sacarte de la carcel pero un amigo real estara sentado al lado  contigo y te dira "P'ta weon, la jodimos!"



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