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  • #1 26-09-2007 11:22:28

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    Star Trrek TNG 20th Aniversario

    Entertainment Weekly: Celebrating TNG's 20th

    The September 28 edition of Entertainment Weekly features an exclusive 24-page mini-magazine pull-out that focuses on the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Billed as an "oral history," the piece gathers quotes from key production personnel such as Dorothy Fontana, Bob Justman, Rick Berman, Herman Zimmerman, Michael Okuda and more, all recounting the early days of the show and how shaky it was getting off the ground. Some interesting tidbits spring up, such as Fontana's recounting how the Deanna Troi character was originally meant to have three breasts! Thankfully this physical "attribute" was never put into the final script.
    Following the oral history is EW's "Top 10 Episodes" which, to no one's amazement, is headed by "Yesterday's Enterprise," followed by "The Best of Both Worlds, Parts I and II." Out of the 10, the only possible eyebrow raiser is the inclusion of the episode "First Contact." A fine episode, no doubt, but better than "Shades of Gray"?!

    EW Online also features a new chat with Heroes star George Takei talking about his role on the popular NBC show. Among other things (and there may be spoilers within) Takei reveals that his Japanese linguistic skills have come in handy as his character, Kaito Nakamura, is native to that tongue.

    Check out the links below for more on TNG's 20th and Takei on Heroes, or pick up Entertainment Weekly at the newsstand.




    #2 26-09-2007 11:42:46

    Evincar Volrath
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    Re: Star Trrek TNG 20th Aniversario

    jajjajaja Troi como la mina de Total Recall A.K.A. el vengador del futuro

    Cuando un día que usted sabe que es miércoles comienza como si fuese domingo,
    algo anda muy mal en alguna parte.



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